Diccionario venezolano para Gringos

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Escrito por NirvGone

 Un buen Diccionario que encontré en Tumblr ya que el del LAROUSSE quedó pendejo. Aprendan pinches gringos!

  • Achanta’o/Achantá = adj. A person of slow thought or slow reasoning. Someone passive, or lacking seduction skills.
  • Amapuche = n. A passionate demonstration of affection. A warm hug.
  • Amuñuñar = v. To tightly yet disorderly put things together.
  • Agarrado(a) = adj. Selfish. See Pichirre.
  • Alborotado = adj. To be excited or revolted.
  • Arepa = n. Armpit sweat marks. In Baseball it can also mean a score of zero. Lit. Venezuelan corn bread bun.
  • Arrapado = adj. Excited (profane).
  • Arrecharse = v. To get angry (profane).
  • Arrecho = adj. Superlative attribute for an object or situation, namely extremely good, bad or difficult (profane).
  • Arrecochinar = v. To gather people disorderly in a small space.
  • Arrocear = v. To turn up at a party without being invited.
  • Arrocero = n. Party crasher.
  • Bachaco = n. A blond or redhead mulatto. Lit. Leafcutter ant.
  • Bajarse de la mula = exp. To pay for something. To be demanded for money. To be robbed. Lit. “To get off the mule”.
  • Bala fría = n. Junk food. A quick snack. Lit. “Cold bullet”.
  • Balurdo = adj. or n. (from French Balourd) An awkward or ridiculous person. A low-class person or behavior. See Chimbo
  • Barrio = n. Poor neighborhood. Often built upwards on hillsides, they are a distinct and noticeable feature of the landscape in large cities in Venezuela.
  • Becerro = n. A goofy person. Lit. To calf. Example: “Si eres Becerro” = You’re such a goofy.
  • Bicha = adj. of bitchy behavior, foxy lady, vixen.
  • Birra = n. Beer.
  • Bochinche = n. A gathering or noisy reunion. Disorder, chaos.
  • Bolo = n. A single unit of Venezuelan currency. Similar to calling the U.S. Dollar a “buck.”
  • Bolsa = n. (or Bolsiclón) a moron.
  • Bucear = v. To ogle discreetly. To peep furtively. Lit. To skin dive.
  • Bululú = n. A fuss. See Bochinche
  • Burda = adv. or adj. (superlative) Very much. Example: “Caminamos burda” = We walked a lot. “Ella es burda de linda” = she’s very pretty.
  • Buzo = n. Peeper.
  • Cambur = n. A well remunerated public position. Lit. Banana.
  • Cachapera = n. A lesbian (pejorative). Lit. woman who makesCachapas.
  • Cacharro = n. Old, worn out vehicle. A piece of junk.
  • Cachúo = adj. Someone who has been cheated on by his partner. Lit. with horns.
  • Caerse a palos = exp. To engage in heavy drinking. To get drunk. Lit. “To fall with sticks”. See “Palos”.
  • Calarse = v. To stand something bad.
  • Carajo(a) = n. A dude (profane). Lit. Crow’s nest.
  • Carajazo = n. See Coñazo (profane).
  • Carajito(a) = n. A kid (usually pejorative). Diminutive of “Carajo”.
  • Caraotas = n. Beans. In Venezuela, Caraotas are black by default. Should beans be of a different color, the name of the color must be used. Example: “Caraotas blancas” = white beans, “Caraotas rojas” = red beans.
  • Catire(a) = adj. or n. A beer. Also a nickname for the sun. Lit. Blond.
  • Chamo(a) = n. Boy/girl. With suffix -ito: a kid; also means son or daughter. Venezuelans are well known among Spanish speakers for their love and constant use of this word, which is used repeatedly in the same fashion as the American slangdude.
  • Chao = exp. (from the Italian “ciao”) To bid farewell, similar to “bye”.
  • Chaparro = n. Dick. See “Güevo”. Lit. Shorty.
  • Chévere = adj. Fine, cool.
  • Chimbo(a) = adj. Of low quality. Bootleg. Ill made. Fake. Uncool.
  • Chino(a) = n. Andean expression for a boy or girl, particularly in the Trujillo State. Lit. Chinese person.
  • Chivo = n. The Boss, someone at a high position in an organization. Lit. Goat. Example: “El Chivo que más mea” (The goat who pisses the most) = the most important person.
  • Chulo = n. Person who lives from/takes advantage from others, often financially.
  • Churupo(s) = n. Money.
  • Chola = n./adj. Flip-flops/Slippers. Also means “speedy”, for example: “Dale chola!” (Hurry up!!) or “Yo iba demasiado chola” (I was going too fast). A popular radio personality in Venezuela has the nickname “Full Chola” (Speedy)
  • Choro = n. Thief, robber (pejorative).
  • Coñazo = n. A violent hit or strike (profane).
  • ¡Coño! = exp. Fuck!, Damn! (very profane).
  • Coño de madre = n. A rotten bastard. (profane). Lit. “His mother’s cunt”.
  • ¡Coño de la madre! = exp. “Oh, my fucking God!”, used to denote high frustration and anger (very profane). Lit. “Mother’s cunt!”
  • Compinche = n. Partner, friend, or buddy.
  • Corotos = n. Stuff, belongings. Word derives from Jean-Baptiste Camille_Corot’s last name.
  • Costilla = n. An affectionate way of a man to name his female partner. The term is a reference to the origin of Eve. Lit. Rib.
  • Criollo = n. A local. A native of Venezuela. Something typically native. Lit. Creole.
  • Cuaima = n. A very jealous/possessive and untrusting wife/girlfriend. Lit. A snake.
  • Culo = n. A young woman (profane). Lit. Ass.
  • Culillo = n. Lots of fear (profane). Lit. Small Ass.
  • Curdo = adj. Drunk.
  • De pinga = exp. Cool, superb, excellent (profane). See“Pepiado”.
  • Epa/Épale = exp. Hi or Hello (informal greeting; “What’s up”). Close to the Lit. Hey.
  • Fajado = n. Someone who works pretty hard/much on something. No matter if it’s weekend or holiday, this person will work anyways. See Fajarse.
  • Fajarse = v. To work the hardest on something until getting it done. Example: “¡Tienes que fajarte con eso!” = You have to work very hard on that!
  • Filo = n. Hunger. Lit. Edge. Example: “Llevo el filo parejo” = I am very hungry.
  • Franela = n. T-shirt.
  • Fregar = v. To suffer the consequences of a wrong decision. To annoy. To kill. To scrub.
  • Fumado = adj. or n. Stoned. Crazy, disheveled, difficult to understand. Lit. smoked a joint.
  • Gafo = adj. or n. Dumb or stupid, comes for the Italian word “cafone” or “gavone” which means dumb peasant.
  • Gargajo = n. Spit, a loogie.
  • Gringo = n. White American.
  • Gocho = adj. or n. A native of the Andean parts of Venezuela, particularly the states of MéridaTáchira or Trujillo.
  • Guachicón = n. An athletic shoe.
  • Guachimán = n. A vigilant o guard, derived from “watch man”.
  • Guáramo = n. Iron will. Courage.
  • Guasa = n. To make fun of something or someone.
  • Guasacaca = n. A sauce made from avocados and spices. Resembles Mexican Guacamole.
  • Guaro = n. A native of Lara state.
  • Guayabo = n. To be romantically disillusioned. To have the Blues. Lit. Tree of the guava fruit.
  • Guayoyo = n. Slightly watered down black coffee. Commonly served after meals.
  • Güevo = n. Dick, penis. Nuisance (profane). Derives from Huevo (Egg).
  • Huevón (or Güebón) = n. Sucker, asshole, stupid (profane).
  • Huele Verga = n. See Huevón.
  • Hablame el mío/Hablame la mía = exp. Similar to “What’s up?” or “What’s going on?”. Lit. Talk to me dude/Talk to me girl.
  • Igualado(a) = adj. A demeaning term to describe someone who pretends to be of a superior financial/intellectual level than the person really is.
  • Jalar Bola = v. To abuse flattering. Sweet talking, intended to get benefit from someone with selfish purposes. Similar to the expression “scratch your back”. Lit. To Pull Ball.
  • Jamón = n. A French kiss. Something very easy to do. A nice girl. Lit. Ham
  • Jeva = n. Woman.
  • Latas = v. To make out. Darse las Latas. Lit. “to give eachother the cans”
  • Lambucio = n. A glutton. To request food or goods in a rude way.
  • Ladilla = adj. or n. Something annoying or boring. A boring or annoying person. Lit. Crab louse.
  • Macundales = n. Derivated from the brand “Mac and Dale” (a belt to carry tools used by the oil industry workers in Venezuela). See Corotos.
  • Malandro = n. Thug, thief, burglar, robber.
  • Mamar = v. (In the continuous tense) To be penniless. Example: “Estar Mamando”. (In the past participle tense) To be tired. Example: “Estar Mamado”. Lit. To Suck.
  • Mamahuevo = n. (or Mamagüevo) Cocksucker. A hustler (profane).
  • Mamarracho = n. Someone who makes things of a very bad quality. adj. Badly done.
  • Manganzón = n. A lazy person.
  • Marico = n. Commonly used as ‘dude’ between friends. ‘Marica’ may also

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